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Moments & Notions Is HERE!!

Mns cd cover
September 2012

9 original songs

 Album Favorites:
After Midnight, Close Attention, Tenacious & Eye Contact

     1) After Midnight
     2) Close Attention
     3) Breakfast On The Patio
     4) Plans For Two
     5) Steppin' Out
     6) Manolita
     7) Savor The Moment
     8) Tenacious
     9) Eye Contact
RELEASED MAY 25th 2010
14 Original Songs          

Indeed Soulful,Reconditioned,New Oasis
Suite Groove,Here(still)Waiting

          1) Jazzy Twilight  
          2) Day Break!
          3) Indeed Soulful            
4) Room To Breathe
          5) Double UP
          6) Just A Touch
          7) Here Waiting
          8) New Oasis
          9) Top Gunning
          10) Suite Groove
          11) Familiar Places
          12) Reconditioned
          13) Miller's Mantel
          14) Here(still) Waiting

He is the next generation of 21st Century JazzKats. Versatile, Progressive, Innovative, Distinctive, Sensitive, Sensuous, Playful & Serious. Certainly not afraid of Pushing The Boundaries, as far as musik production goes.
This album, a real Labor of Love, has to grace any discerning Musik Lover’s library... It certainly has mine!



The outside cover

2nd Phaze

Released Nov 21,2007
15 original tracks

Fan favorites:

Cherished Memoris,This Groove, 2nd Phaze & Golden Summer

Sophomore album 

This meaty collection offers up 15 tracks ranging from smooth jazz to “rural suburban” rhythms and “inner city” jams. It’s eclectic, involved and carefree… Songs that stand out to our ears include the sweet and smooth, “Cherished Memories,” the delicate trance-like vibe of “Golden Summer,” the Lounge-bound, “Red Eye Flight,” and my favorite, the ‘up-in-your-grill,’ spicy “This Groove.” This is something from Texas that you’ll want to keep around way beyond 2008! ~SANDY SHORE
 1) Intro:24
 2) This Groove 3:58
 3) Second Phaze(2nd Phaze) 3:46
 4) Cherished Memories 4:21
 5) Nostalgia 4:13
 6) Moment In Time 3:42
 7) Victory March 3:42
 8) Between The Changes 3:34
 9) Thank God I Found You 3:57
     (A Wedding Melody)
10) It Was Only Yesterday 3:29
11) Pep Rally 4:04
12) Charisma 3:55
13) Golden Summer 3:54
14) Sweet Redemption 4:27
15) Red Eye Flight 4:44
2nd phaze pix
New image
Afternoon drive

Afternoon Drive

Maxi single
Released Nov 1,2007

Includes the Tracks:

Afternoon Drive & Golden Summer(from  2nd Phaze)

Fan Favorite:

Good afternoon Bobby,
I want you to know that we launched a new show this last week-end "Indies on Stage" and Afternoon Drive was played. It was well received! We ran the show on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and will continue to do so including Afternoon Drive.
Consult the broadcast scheduler so that you are aware of the weekend show times. Thanks for allowing us to share your project with the world.
We have also placed your tune on the mid day play-list.
............................. Shalom Margo Lovett.          Sept,2008

JazzfusionMinistry radio w/ host Margo Lovett

1) Afternoon Drive 5:04
2) Golden Summer 3:54
    (from 2nd Phaze cd)

Desire,Strength & Ambitions

Nov 23 1999

9 Original tracks

Fan favorite:

Sharon Jaye first featured Ocean Love
on 88.7 KAZI "THE VOICE OF AUSTIN" Austin,Tx
The Phoenix Jazz Network (internet radio)

Re-released 2007: (Re-Mastered)


Available as  Downloads Here
Desire st cover

1) Ocean Love 5:50
2) Desire,Strength & Ambitions 4:29
3) Looking Back Over The Water 4:33
4) House Jam(BYOM'S) 4:48
5) Live(At The Palace) 4:19
6) Old School Reunion 5:07
7) 12th Hour 4:50
8) New Swing 4:07
9) Out Of Time 5:29